The Poems of William Shakespeare, Morris

The Poems of William Shakespeare : printed after the original copies of Venus and Adonis, 1593, The rape of Lucrece, 1594, Sonnets, 1609, The lover’s complaint. Hammersmith : Kelmscott Press ; [London] : Sold by Reeves & Turner, 1893.

Bibliography: “Edited by F. S. Ellis. 8vo. Golden type. In black and red. Borders 1 and 2. 500 paper copies at 25 shillings, 10 on vellum at ten guineas. Dated Jan. 17, issued Feb. 13, 1893. Sold by Reeves & Turner. Bound in limp vellum. A trial page of this book was set up on Nov. 1, 1892. Though the number was large, this has become one of the rarest books issued from the press.” (29)