The Wood Beyond the World, Morris

The wood beyond the world, William Morris. Hammersmith : Kelmscott Press, 1894.

Bibliography: “8vo. Chaucer type. In black and red. Borders 13a and 13, and a frontispiece designed by Sir E. Burne-Jones, and engraved on wood by W. Spielmeyer. 350 on paper at two guineas, 8 on vellum at ten guineas. Dated May 30, issued Oct. 16, 1894. Published yb William Morris. Bound in limp vellum. The borders in this book as well as the ten half-borders are here used for the first time. It was first announced as in the press in the list of March 31, 1894. Another edition was published by Lawrence and Bullen in 1895.” (37)