Some German Woodcuts of the Fifteenth Century, Morris

Some German woodcuts of the fifteenth century, 1898.

Bibliography: “Being thirty-five reproductions from books that were in the library of the late William Morris. Edited, with a list of the principal woodcut books in that library, by S.C. Cockerell. Large 4to. Golden type. In red and black. 225 on paper at thirty shillings, 8 on vellum at five guineas. Dated Dec 15, 1897, issued January 6, 1898. Published at the Kelmscott Press. Bound in half holland. Of these thirty-five reproductions twenty-nine were all the were one of a series chosen by Mr. Morris to illustrate a catalogue of his library, and the other six were prepared by him for an article int eh 4th number of Bibliographica, part of which is reprinted as an introduction to the book. The process blocks (with one exception) were made by Walker & Boutall, and are of the same size as the original cuts.”